domenica 17 febbraio 2013

By force

 This article will produly appear on Deus Cras 'zine, The Centurion Method paper.

The illusion of politics is a media construction closely related to democratic social organization. People feel an active part in decision-making, rush in discussions and believe that "being informed" about this and that can have some influence on the political leadership of the country and on its decisions. False! The circus moves to the city, laughing, clapping, but then the farce proceeds identical and unchanged elsewhere. Democracy means delegation, policy actually means bureaucracy, safety from any "politically incorrectness". Who wants to do politics today and can not adapt to the mechanisms of the prevailing system, can only enter with a view to participation and finally allowed to become part of a run-in gear that is going to make harmless and unable any idea or proposal truly, I say revolutionary, reformist. The change does not mean adaptation, radical destruction means no complicity and no sharing. The system is regenerated but the crisis has spread and the time will come in which any economic measure, any personal interest or caste lose meaning, because it is quite credible that the widespread clearing of the standard of living leads to a violent struggle for survival. The ghosts exorcised return. Freedom resume by force his throne usurped. It's therefore perfectly superfluous and unnecessary caving with political maneuvering and parties, even the strongest and most vigorous fighting spirit will end up weakening and softening in a similar context. Ambition and gain have no political color. You have to think again about the usefulness of discussion, the richness of the dialogue, to reaffirm the primacy of the struggle and the power of the will upon any other socially accepted costume. The contemporary education is poison for the vital impulse, peacefuls human character, disarms him and cages every instinct for greatness and power. Vicar behaviour. The maximum of politics today is apolitics, it is a negative attitude to bureaucracy and any traffic that includes worldly compromise and lie. The return to the authentic dimension of human existence prepares to different life and vigorous, in contact with the wild truth of primordial exsistence and the cyclic flow of time. So education does not have to speak, but training, preparation of man according to military discipline, through a rigidity that makes it powerful, determined, hard. So is from the individual that you have to begin change the earth, and always was by a succession of conquerors that came every real historical change - invasions, wars, the history of human being is the story of groups of men who imposed their law and order on chaos of events and disasters.

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