giovedì 11 aprile 2013

The heroic principle

[Entire article will appear on Deus Cras 'zine, paper of The Centurion Method]
Authority in primordial society was carried out mainly by members of the warrior caste. The heroic role played gave them the right to rule and impose justice. Those men are not ruled by lust for power or individualism, but they attempt for duty fulfillment, following a pattern of higher government.
In a similar way, traditional communities founded their authority on the heroic principle and the king himself had also mainly military tasks. Command originated from the exercise of the art of war and had the sword as a symbol of power and justice.
The warrior heritage historically developed in the form of aristocratic state, arises from the primitive "society of men", mannerbund. The mannerbund is therefore the pounding heart of vigor and discipline which takes form into real government. Society of men is the closed circle which admits only the best, designed to give a law to their Community, inspired by a political model of true justice, disciplined and differentiated. In them does not act a personal interest, but a duty to all and, first of all, to peers.
The admittance into such a circle was through an initiation, which introduced the young man to the authentic dimension in its fullness, the man understood as essential. The vir understood in its solid and heroic integrity, embodies the balance of which Plato speaks in the Republic about the chariot drawn by two horses. The white horse, ardor, and the black horse, appetites, must be in agreement and in balance, properly guided by reason. But deep in the philosophy of Plato is the auroral heroic ardor which leads upward to push great enterprises and to tend to something greater out of oneself. It is therefore clearly an allusion - both the symbol of the chariot and the theme of honor and fury – to an heroic dimension of warriors. This self-control is a necessary attribute of manhood. Abandoned a purely physical existence, linked to security and basic satisfaction of interests, being part of a mannerbund marks a deviation to a higher dimension. The one of warrior heroism, a strong and pure attitude, which implies to the manly duty of personal responsibility to the specific function and the spontaneous adhesion to the principles of honor and loyalty.
Honor and loyalty are the vigorous laws of this elite, whose ultimate task is to guide the community, directing it according to justice and not following personal interests. The law of heroic nations starts from the primordial society of men, in the circle of armed men who rise to the founding principle of honor and military discipline.
Groups of this kind originate the founding bloodlines. From the imperial clan - Emperor being the army leader – who’s being choose by election or by acclamation, coming the reign of primordial state. His role is to guide, his power cannot and should not be limited - despite being subject to revocation.

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